Jeremy Jeresky to Lead March Break Senior Arts Camp

Jeremy Jeresky is once again leading the March Break Senior Arts Camp for children 6 to 11 years old! Jeremy was in the Master of Fine Arts program at UWO and has won a Pillar Community Innovation Award for his work in the community.

A cross-disciplinary artist, Jeremy engages in painting, sculpture, photography, and performance at the university. He has taught for many years, and his enthusiasm for life and art is evident.

Our Senior Arts Campers will enjoy a balanced day of outdoor free play, drama games and artistic activities.

Artistic projects planned for Week One (March 5 to 9) include: garden mosaics, animal masks, clay trivet/pots, weaving rugs and stained glass.

Week Two (March 12 to 16) projects include: dragon kites, door hangers, paper making, group leaf collage, wind chimes, weaving bags and soft sculpture.

For more information on our March Break Camps, view the information on our website, or call 519.858.8862

For more information on Jeremy Jeresky and his work in the community:

Mosaic to Tell Old East Stories

Needy Tell their Stories Through Art Program

Pillar Community Innovation Award: Jeremy Jeresky

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