2011 Capital Campaign

Our School in Full Bloom Capital Campaign
April 1 – September 1, 2011

Dear London Waldorf School Community:

It is with great enthusiasm that I am announcing our school’s 2011 Annual Campaign with the theme: OUR SCHOOL IN FULL BLOOM.

As a school, we have been very successful in increasing our enrollment and being frugal with our resources in recent years so that we are now ready for an important expansion of our school. Construction will start very soon and will be completed in time for our new school year in September.  We have all helped to make this happen.

Now it also falls to us to ensure that we raise the needed finances for the build out. Your child will benefit directly from a more beautiful great hall in which to enjoy music and drama performances, and additional rooms for classes. The total cost of the expansion will be about $100,000 of which we need to raise $65,000 through donations from current families and alumni.  At this point, we have already received pledges for $7,350 – more than 10% of our goal! We are all better off by raising these funds through one-time tax-deductible donations rather than via permanent tuition increases.

When you donate to the 2011 Annual Campaign, leaves out of metal will be cut by hand and engraved with your names and then added to a stunning tree made out of wood and metal that will be created in the Great Hall.  This tree will become a permanent installation of the London Waldorf School as a symbol of our strong and growing community.

I invite your family to participate in this exciting campaign to become part of our lasting legacy.  Even if you have not participated in prior campaigns or are part of the ATP, your involvement this year is essential. I would like to encourage each family to donate at least $100 for their leaf.

There are currently 97 families in our school. The following table shows how much we would raise in total at different levels of average giving:

Amount per family (97) $100x 97 $200x 97 $300x 97 $500x 97
Total $ raised $9,700 $19,400 $29,100 $48,500

Given our goal of $65,000, all of us need to participate in the campaign and stretch as much as is possible. Every family is different and we are all able to give differently. Only $1 into a jar each day for three months of the campaign, will effortlessly make one leaf possible. In keeping with one of the key values at Waldorf, let’s ensure that everyone feels included in this campaign regardless of level of giving.  One engraved leaf per person without the donation amount indicated reflects this spirit best.

There are many different ways that you can have your leaves engraved: your family name, the name of your child, or just initials. You may wish to remain anonymous. Extended family may also like to participate. You might like to donate a leaf in memory of a loved one.

Let’s show London and the world what a wonderful community we have at our school – one that is in full bloom and growing beautifully.  Our children are truly fortunate to receive an education that allows their minds, their bodies and their hearts to blossom.  Let’s fill the symbolic tree that will be created in the Great Hall with many, many leaves as a lasting symbol of these wonderful children and their families. We can all be proud of what we create together.

I trust that you are as enthusiastic as I am to be part of this wonderfully exciting time in the growth of the London Waldorf School.


Cara Maurer, PhD
on behalf of the Annual Campaign Committee

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