It’s About Community….

Image Credit: Paul Battler

I am letting my little ones sleep in this morning – they could use a few extra winks after all of the excitement of the past week!

It has been a week full of magic and emotion: watching one’s classmates cross over the Rainbow Bridge, performing in the final assembly, attending the Grade 7/8 commencement, and the snapping turtle – who sauntered into the playground to lay her eggs.

For my children, the highlight of the year is always the end of year community picnic! What an amazing feeling it is to form the circle (one that grows larger every year), and sing our blessing before the meal.   Such a wonderful way to celebrate the completion of another school year and connect with members of our community.

Today’s entry is the last.  Or should I say the last blog entry as part of the “It’s About Community” campaign –  a campaign launched to show our support for our talented faculty.  It all started with the idea,

What’s possible if we pull together as a community of parents, alumni and school supporters??

Image Credit: Ben Porchuk

We certainly demonstrated what’s possible!   Since this campaign was launched on June 1st, we have come together as a community to demonstrate our support for our amazing faculty.

Over 90 individuals joined our Facebook page, many listened to our Tweets, viewed our video, read our blog posts and shared these links with family and friends.  We have connected as a community online  – thank you!   A very big thank you to those who have contributed financially. Because of your generous donations, almost $15,000 has been raised ($14,773.22 to be exact…with donations still coming in).  Thank You!!

Thanks also go out to the many individuals that have helped out with the campaign itself. I would like to send out a special thank you to the following people: to Lauren Klein for lending her amazing images and creative skills; to Gail Nielson for her contributions to the blog (and tweets too!); to Carol, Annette and Ruth for accommodating me all those times I came into the office looking for one thing or another; and of course, to our amazingly talented faculty who have shared with me their many stories and thoughts on Waldorf education, and what makes London Waldorf School so special.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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