“Our Task”: A Composition for the Graduating Class

Join us at 7PM tonight,  in the Great Hall for the Grade 7/8 Commencement.

The evening will include a composition by Merwin Lewis, written specifically for this year’s graduating class.  A thought-provoking piece called, “Our Task”.

by Merwin Lewis

Will we be the bird that soars the skies
To greet on wing the morning sun’s first rays?
Will we be the twinkle in the eyes
Of children playing hard on summer days?

Will we be the music of a band
That stirs a crowd to clap their hands and dance?
Will we be the fertile piece of land
That gives the future of our world a chance?

Will we be the ploughshare or the sword,
The dungeon or the open meeting place?
Will we be the word that sows discord
Or one that brings a smile to every face?

Will we be a gear in some machine
That runs in place without a deeper aim?
Will we be an image on a screen,
Or will we be instead a living flame?

We come here with a special task to do:
To find it we must first learn how to ask.
And we’ll only live to see it through
When we accept and then become our task.

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