Joseph Chilton Pearce on Waldorf

“I used to think Waldorf education the most undamaging education, but then the more I looked into it, I found it the most beneficial system we have.  People ask ‘What will happen to my child in the world if he doesn’t learn to read and write very early?’

The issue is that the child’s greatest strength for survival in a world of madness is to be whole, sane and in touch with the heart.  The beauty of the Waldorf school is that it keeps children intact until they are ready to move out into the world as whole individuals.

Major studies have recently dealt with the ‘disappearance of childhood’ in America.  Among many things that the Waldorf system does, it nurtures, protects and develops the intelligence of the true child.  What is it that Waldorf education aims to do?  We are helping to bring out the best in each child, rather than molding children to a particular perspective of society.”

~Joseph Chilton Pearce, best-selling author and expert in child development

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2 Responses to Joseph Chilton Pearce on Waldorf

  1. Tammy says:

    Mr. Pearce states precisely why my daughter has been at the London Waldorf School since the age of 3. Turning 12 soon…she is so wonderfully balanced and I believe that her teachers have brought out the best in her. I feel fortunate to have her where she is.

    • Gail says:

      Thanks for responding, Tammy. I’m so glad your (almost) 12-year-old daughter is thriving. My son is having a similar experience at Waldorf.

      See you in the school yard!
      Best Regards,

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