Thank You!

When we started this campaign on June 1st, it started with the thought:

What’s possible if we pull together as a community of parents, alumni and school supporters??

Many have shown their support for our faculty by getting involved with our online community….becoming a friend on Facebook, listening to our Tweets, and reading our blog items – Thank You!

Thank you! Thank you! To those who have contributed financially.  In the first few days of our campaign nearly $2,000 has been raised.  We are well on our way to our $66,000 goal!

With a $70K deficit projected for next year, our amazing faculty demonstrated their unwavering support to the school and our children by gifting back $66K to the school through salary reduction and donation  of unpaid time.

Can we, as a community, continue to place the financial burden on our most valuable resource – our faculty?  Those individuals that seek, each day, to meet our children where they are at, to nurture and educate, to develop their roots and wings…

What is possible if we pull together as a broader community of parents, alumni and school supporters?  Let’s show our support for our talented faculty and stand with them in their commitment to, and holding of the school and our children.

Over the coming days, contribute to the campaign and show your support to ensure that our faculty can nurture their own spirits without the heavy financial burden that salary reductions and unpaid time can take.

Read more about how to give…


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