It’s About Community

Today we launch the “It’s About Community” campaign.  This is a parent-driven campaign that really shows our support for our amazing faculty!!

The impetus of the campaign is a recently announced $70,000 deficit…actually, it isn’t as much the deficit as it is our faculty’s response to it.  Upon hearing of the anticipated deficit for the coming year, faculty met and gifted back to the school $66,000.  Yes, $66,000! This was achieved through reducing salaries and gifts of unpaid time. Our faculty, demonstrated, yet again, their unwavering commitment to our children and the school!

As a broader community of parents, alumni and school supporters, can we continue to place the financial burden on our most valuable resource – our faculty?  Those individuals that seek, each day, to meet our children where they are at, to nurture and educate, to develop their roots and wings.  I believe it is our turn to meet them. As a broader community, we need to assure a living wage for our teachers.  We need to support our faculty and stand with them in their commitment to, and holding of the school.  It is really about community…

You may be asking, “What can I do?”

Well, a short campaign called “It’s About Community” is being launched today, June1st and culminates with the end of the school year, June 22nd. As a community-driven campaign, our goal is to match the faculty where they stand –  $66K contribution.  We need to demonstrate our support, ensuring that dramatic reductions in salary and donations of unpaid time are not necessary.  To ensure that they too can nurture their own spirits without the heavy financial burden that salary reductions and unpaid time can take.

What’s possible if we pull together as a community of parents, alumni and school supporters??

No donation is too big or small, whatʼs important is your participation and giving what feels right for you and your family.  Gifts from parents, grandparents, businesses, alumni families, and those who are supportive of our efforts will directly support our faculty.

Get Involved!

Visit and participate in our online community to get the momentum going!  Become our “friend” on Facebook.  Listen to our “Tweets” from Twitter. Contribute financially to the campaign – online through CanadaHelps or through the office. Dump your small change into the “Rainbow Bucket” in the Office. Pass on these links to friends and family.  And please,  check back to this blog often for more pictures, presentations and video too!

It’s about Community…what’s possible?

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